Industry Panel

Disaggregated optical networks: challenges and benefits of opening up the ROADM transmission network.

While Software Defined Networking has in recent years revolutionised the way networks are managed, starting to take over the control of routers and switches, its deployment in the optical transmission networks is still pending. As optical transmission occurs in the analog domain and is affected by issues such as nonlinearities, wavelength-dependent gain in optical amplifiers and other impairments, typical ROADM networks are today’s still controlled through proprietary vendors solutions.

Nonetheless, initiatives like the OpenROADM have started to assess benefits and challenges of opening up the optical transmission and switching layer, with the aim to bring down the cost of ROADM networks, without compromising on overall network performance.

This event will bring together some of the most distinguished stakeholders from industry to discuss challenges, opportunities and overall viability of opening up the optical transmission layer to software-defined frameworks.


Dan Kilper
Andrew Lord
Mohit Chamania
Marc De Leenheer

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