Invited Papers

Steinar Bjørnstad CTO TransPacket AS/Adjunct Associate Professor, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

Title: Optical Ethernet: Can OTN be replaced?

Abstract: Ethernet has evolved from a protocol for local area Network transport to a more advanced carrier class metro Ethernet transport protocol. Ethernet is evolving continuously as new features are brought into Ethernet. Recently, industrial, automotive and 5G mobile front-haul network applications have been addressed. Several new mechanisms are proposed and standardized, e.g. enabling deterministic latency. This paper reviews and discusses differences between Ethernet and ITU-T G.709 – Optical Transport Network OTN, and analyses if Ethernet may replace OTN in the optical transport network.


Jiajia Chen, Associate Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology & SCNU South China Normal University.

Title: Spatial division multiplexing for optical data centers networks

Abstract: Emerging mobile and cloud applications drive ever-increasing capacity demands, particularly for short-reach optical communications, where low-cost and low-power solutions are highly required. Spatial division multiplexing (SDM) techniques provide a promising way to scale up the lane count per fiber, while reducing the number of fiber connections and patch cords, and hence simplifying cabling complexity. This talk will address challenges on both system and network levels, and report our recent development on SDM techniques for optical data centers



Oscar Gonzalez de Dios, Telefonica, Spain.



Hiroaki Harai, Director of Network Science and Convergence Device Technology Laboratory, National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Japan.

Title: Hardware-supported Softwarized and Elastic Optical Networks

Abstract: We present elasticity and agility in softwarized optical network construction, service continuation, and service update. Existing services are kept transient quality against sudden traffic changes and failures. We show proper optical power management in network protection. Programmability is a necessary solution for lower CAPEX and agile network setup. We show beyond 100 Gbps programmability trial in optical edge.


KonstantinosKatrinis, IBM, Ireland



Ricardo Martínez, Senior Researcher at the Communication Networks Division in Centre Tecnològic Telecomunicacions Catalunya (CTTC), Spain

Title: Experimental SDN Control Solutions for Automatic Operations and Management of 5G Services in a Fixed Mobile Converged Packet-Optical Network

Abstract: Future 5G networks will bring important challenges to network operators, not only in terms of increased volume of traffic load due to the proliferation of mobile broadband communications but also to support appealing features such as network virtualization and network slicing. In this context and aiming at reducing the network investment to be realized for supporting a myriad of heterogeneous services, the convergence among the nowadays separated infrastructures (fixed and mobile) is considered essential. In this work, we address the above objective describing a set of experimentally validated solutions based on SDN to handle fixed and mobile convergence combining and leveraging the benefits of both transport technologies packet and optical.



Reza Nejabati, Associate Professor, University of Bristol



George N, Rouskas, Professor, and Director of Graduate Programs, North Carolina State University, USA.

Title: Open Marketplace and Service Orchestration for Virtual Optical Networks

Abstract: A key challenge in multi-vendor heterogeneous virtual optical networks is providing transparent access to network resources and virtual functions in a manner that enables users to combine them appropriately into meaningful end-to-end services. In this talk, we will present a solution that consists of two components: an Open Marketplace where vendors and users of network resources and functions meet to establish economic relationships; and a suite of orchestration algorithms for creating end-to-end services across various time scales.


Manos Varvarigos, Professor, National Technical University of Athens, Greece And Monash University, Australia.

Title: Resource allocation in slotted optical Data center networks

Abstract: TBA






Elaine Wong, Associate Professor, University of Melbourne.

Title: Designing Cloudlet Network Architectures over Existing Optical Access Networks

Abstract: In this talk, we will review some of our design frameworks in planning non-hybrid and hybrid cloudlet network architectures over existing optical access networks.  Specifically, we identify optimal cloudlet placement locations such that installation cost is minimized while meeting the capacity and latency constraints. We highlight the overall cloudlet facility installation cost and average amount of computational resource required in each cloudlet in terms of racks. We also describe the energy tradeoff in the installing the cloudlets. Our proposed frameworks provides guidance in planning future cloudlet network architectures.

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